DR. Joseph Sliepka, MD

Orthopaedics and former D1 player at Harvard University 

"The science behind the AceGripz design is valid. AceGripz are designed to increase strength in the batter's swing."  


Former MLB All Star and Silver Slugger

"Everyone can benefit from using AceGripz"

"Every player I train uses them!"

jim presley

19 Yr MLB Hitting Coach 

"You need AceGripz to make yourself a better, more powerful hitter"

Dave hansen

Former 3rd Baseman for the LA Dodgers and current head hitting coach for the San Francisco Giants organization

"AceGripz is my tool of choice when teaching for improved bat angles and hand path. I recommend baseball players of all ages use the AceGripz."

Tristan Gray 

SS in the Tampa Bay Rays organization 

"I love these grips. I am a big proponent on forearm and wrist strength and I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger in both categories the more I use them.  Great training tool." 

Simon whiteman

SS in the San Francisco Giants organization

"This is a forearm burner! After the first day, I could tell this training tool was going to work. I use these every day in the cage and will keep on using them."

griffin Dey 

1B for the Detroit Tigers organization 

"These grips are awesome. Within two  months, I went from 94mph to 101mph off a tee. I firmly believe that I can, with the continued use of the grips, get up to 105mph. Love these."

 Joey Martinez 

Former Professional Infielder and current coach

 "As a 6 year ex professional baseball player, 20+ year high school coach, and 25 year baseball/softball instructor, Acegripz hitting tool has been one of the fastest strength training tools I've ever used. I have a wide range of ages that I work with (8-18 year old boys/girls) and they all use Aceqripz in their daily training regimens. The immediate response from all players is that their grip on the bat feels stronger and bat speed feels faster and smoother."

kendal jefferies 

Former D1 ss at Rice University

"These grips are the best way to hit the ball harder and increase your exit velo. Rice buckets and wrist curls are great, but this is better because it incorporates the most natural thing for a player: swinging the bat. The more you swing with the grips, the stronger you are going to get, it's simple. The best training tool out there, hands down."